Last weekend I lost my Grandmother - affectionately known as 'Nanny' to us Grandchildren. I wrote this over the course of the last week, as everything unfolded. ARRIVAL We shuffle our food nervously Waiting for the gate to be called Sipping wine slowly We sit impatiently on the runway Waiting for the plane to take... Continue Reading →

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Perfectionism: Setting Myself up for Failure

How setting myself unrealistic goals has hindered progress. It happens every January: After the hedonistic Christmas period has left me feeling deflated emotionally, and inflated physically, I sit down to write my New Year’s resolutions, or as I call it the "Do More" list. More out of a misplaced sense of guilt, (and a dash... Continue Reading →

Book Club: April 2018

Since I've been reading a lot more this year I thought I would start a feature on what I've read recently, what I'm currently reading, and what I'll be reading soon. I'm always up for recommendations and book swaps so feel free to message me or chat in the comments section! Read: Conversations with Friends... Continue Reading →

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