Hiding in Plain Sight

And I think that tonight
I lost something that I will never get back.
But no one will know,
for the smile fools all except the wisest.
Could they hear the glass shatter at my feet?
It echoes in my ears still,
Reverberating through my once thick skull
Now frail and cracked
Insides seeping out like a broken dam
After an eternity of defence against
the elemental powers,
As I attempt to seal it with bare hands
and broken spirits.
But rest assured no one will know,
for silence was heard by the ignorant.
My secrets are safe
Away from the madness
or at the source of despair,
I can’t decide.

And the worst thing
is I thrive in it,
I beg for it to surround me,
Encompass my world until everything
Teeters on the brink,
Until one foot is on the stool.
For it is in this moment
Seemingly at the end of all things
when the greatest of revelations are found.
When truly
For a moment
I feel.

But no one will know.
No one will know a thing.

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