Last weekend I lost my Grandmother - affectionately known as 'Nanny' to us Grandchildren. I wrote this over the course of the last week, as everything unfolded. ARRIVAL We shuffle our food nervously Waiting for the gate to be called Sipping wine slowly We sit impatiently on the runway Waiting for the plane to take... Continue Reading →


To fall in love With a Stranger. Brain nonplussed, Flustered By a love already lost, Heart becoming Lackluster. A fading face Turning to dust Around a corner, The ghost of a love Stolen unjustly.


On this night I seek no shelter Only idle wandering Embracing the rain and hail The pin prick sharpness on skin A reminder that I am cast betwixt The ebb and flow of space and time

Hiding in Plain Sight

And I think that tonight I lost something that I will never get back. But no one will know, for the smile fools all except the wisest. Could they hear the glass shatter at my feet? It echoes in my ears still, Reverberating through my once thick skull Now frail and cracked Insides seeping out... Continue Reading →


Let us wait. For haste is not a virtue And I am content to sit Drinking the moment in From a tall glass With the past hanging on my mind Perfectly in place Like an old painting Gathering with dust Slipping into familiarity Forgotten but still Proudly hung and framed Let us paint Another pretty... Continue Reading →

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